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Aysel Öztürk

Project Coordinator


She was born in Bulgaria in 1988. She received her BA in Sociology from Galatasaray University and her MA in Cultural Studies program from Istanbul Şehir University. During her education life, she was interested in a wide range of subjects such as social policy, migration, and rural sociology and took part in various civil society and academic research projects. Through these projects, she found many opportunities to explore villages in different parts of Turkey and to observe the interaction between rural and urban, humankind and nature on site.


In addition to projects, she worked as a research expert at the Istanbul Planning Agency - Social Policies Office for about a year. Her path crossed with Anadolu Meraları right after she decided to back out of urban metropolises and deepen her contact with nature. As the project coordinator in Anadolu Meraları team, she manages research, fieldwork, and project follow-up processes.


She thinks that experience, interaction, and practical steps in all areas of life are more nurturing than theoretical discussions in small rooms.

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