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Volkan Büyükgüngör



Co-founder of Anadolu Meraları, Savory Institute International accredited trainer and Savory

Institute international accredited field expert.

After receiving Bachelors Degree at Electrical-Electronics Engineering from Bogazici University,

he completed his master degree at Biomedical Engineering at the same university. After passing

his enthusiasm for working life at Siemens Medical Solutions and Boğaziçi University TAM

project, he directed his knowledge and experience to rural life. Co-founder and former resident

of the Ormanevi Collective. Together with the collective, he searched and is looking for answers

to the questions of “how to live happier?”, together with the non-governmental organizations

“how to live in a more festive society”, together with the Savory Institute “how to live in a

healthier nature?”. Amateur cyclist, licensed orienteering athlete and trainer.

Between 2014 and 2019, he was the manager and soldier of the application land of Anatolian

Grasslands. He was responsible for cattle and sheep pasture-based fattening initiatives at

different times on more than 200 decares of application land. Accompanied paid interns during

their apprenticeship.

As part of Anadolu Meraları, he serves as an internationally accredited Holistic Management

trainer and provides consultancy services, and undertakes the coordination of large-scale, multi-

partner and multi-stakeholder steppe improvement projects.

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