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Who Are We? 

We are a social enterprise that strengthens climate change mitigation and adaptation processes by creating regenerative systems.

by Regenerative Agriculture

We are working to strengthen vitality and fertility above and below of the soil, increase the resilience of natural systems and enhance biodiversity.


by Holistic Management

With a decision-making framework that encompasses ecological, economic and social dimensions at the same time, we pursue a management strategy in which all kinds of tools and resources that will serve these goals are evaluated with optimum efficiency.










Our Works

We believe in the necessity of making ecological, economic and social regeneration while improving the soil.

We are one of the first hubs of the US-based International Savory Institute, a pioneer in Holistic Management and Regenerative Agriculture.


Since 2014, we have been providing internationally accredited Holistic Management educations approved by the Savory Institute. We are a global actor in the world of regenerative agriculture with a wide international network. We cooperate and carry out projects with other hubs of the Savory Institute.

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