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Who are we?

We are a social enterprise that strengthens climate change mitigation and adaptation processes by creating regenerative systems.

Our purpose of existence is to be the trigger of the Age of Regeneration with systemic transformation by ensuring the establishment of a regenerative agriculture understanding in Turkey and the world.

We are the first and only Turkish hub of the international Savory Institute, the pioneer of our core methodology of Regenerative Agriculture and Holistic Management.

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Since 2013, we have been working on innovative projects based on the principles of Regenerative Agriculture and Holistic Management and designing high-scale ecosystem models projects we develop in Turkey and abroad. 

In order for the understanding of Regenerative Agriculture to become widespread at ecological and economic levels in Turkey and the world, we provide trainings with our experts accredited by the Savory Institute and coordinate awareness-raising activities.



We are regenerative. Working for strenghtening the liveliness and abundance of both underneat and surface of the soil, increasing biodiversity and resistance of natural systems 


We don’t think sustainability is adequate by itself, beyond that we believe in the necessity of regenerating and healing ecosystems. We handle ecology, regeneration of economy and society in integrity.


We believe in systemic transformation. We aim to change poor quality, non-nutritious, harmful, reductionist and unjust food production processes as a whole and care about pioneering innovative, authentic and concrete food networks.


We trust in people. We trust in people. With the right methods, we see that we can transform agriculture from the most important cause of soil degradation and ecosystem destruction to one of the most powerful tools for climate change mitigation and adaptation, soil creation and ecosystem regeneration.  


Working scientifically. Implementing systematic, context-based plannings and applications. Internalizing complex and chaotic structure of human-involved ‘’nature’’ and implementing a dynamic ‘’Holistic Management’’. 


We are curious. We don’t refrain from thinking, designing and implementing different methods, combinations, ‘’unattempted’’ and new ideas that included various tools and knowledges.  


We are dreamers. We witnessed the power and importance of dreaming. We are also realists and see dreaming as keel of ship and realisim as sail.


We are game changers. Even though our ideas and beliefs may surprise our closest ones or ‘’seem so’’, we see sharing them as ethical duty. We know that the way of rebuilding the life passes through reidentifying concepts.  


We are purposeful. We see our efforts of pioneering extraordinary tasks as a driving force to keep on.  


We are not accompanied. Those who trust, support and believe in Anatolian Grasslands.. Our greatest gratitude is to you.

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