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Fog and Nature

Our Aim and Our Goal

Anatolian Grasslands determine and continuously update short-term, medium-term and long-term goals, the tools to reach these goals, working fields, the sources that will be expanded and leverage points by the algorithm of ‘’Holo and Context’’ which is the framework of decision making of Holistic Management.

Throughout the world, especially in Turkey, we aim both to serve to establish perception of regenerative agriculture not just ‘’sustainably’’, but ecologically, economically and socially and also to spread it concretely.


Transforming today’s anonymous, poor-quality, far from nutritious, moreover harmful, reductivist and unjust food production and sharing process as whole; pioneering and serving innovative, genuine and concrete food networks.


Removing agriculture from being the most important cause of climate change, distortion of soil and destruction of ecosystem; transforming it to be the most powerful and abundant tool of combating and adapting Climate Change, soil creation and regeneration of ecosystem.


Forming and applying concrete mechanisms and models to make new-generation, multidimensional, ethical and ‘’holistic’’ farmers an important actor of social, economic and ecologic transformation period.


Supporting public opinion with the most up-to-date discussions, findings and innovations in the triangle of food, nutrition and health; supporting the transformation of being consumer into being ‘’prosumer’’ by redesigning of the access to source of food and its method.


Supporting and fostering the producers of food with innovative, proven, low-cost methods that increase the quality of life and income of farmers and regenerate agricultural lands.

Working Principles

As Anadolu Meraları, we attach great importance to our working principles and values.


Fairness and Equity: We accept the scales of mutual justice and “not exceeding the right” as the basic principle in all exchanges within the team and in the relations we establish with our partners.


Community-based organization: We see all our differences as values, and we are aware of the power of being “one”. We know that this is a process that takes time and needs mutual effort. We consider all events, especially trainings, as the first steps to create a symbiotic community for Holistic Management and Regenerative Agriculture in Turkey.


Holo-ethics-based approach: We see the issue of ethics as a whole. We put all our decisions and strategies into practice after passing through a strong ethical filter.


Transparency: We want our interactions, both within and outside the team, to be built on transparency and mutual trust.


Imagination and Hope: Everything starts with imagining the things that seem impossible in the present moment and circumstances. We have dreams that full of utopias rising above our hopes for the "holo(s)" we direct. We don't stop dreaming.


Realism and Rationalism: The only way to do justice to our ideals and dreams is to take the difficult paths towards them in the most effective, strongest, most “hope instiling” way. How big and utopian our dreams are; We say that our responsibility to act according to the facts, to plan correctly and effectively, and to give credit to a critical rationality is as big as them.


Pluralism: Just like nature, the more pluralism prevails in all relations between people, the higher the diversity, the more fruitful and sustainable partnerships we can establish. We are aware of this, we do not forget it.


Freedom: As Anadolu Meraları team, our freedoms are the most important things that we dote on. We know that true freedom is only possible with a strong sense of responsibility, awareness and “surrender”.


Participation: We know how valuable participation can be if implemented with the right governance and within a solid framework.


Open Source: As Anadolu Meraları, we are an active member of the global regenerative agriculture community. We see it as a responsibility to share with the public what we have learned, what we have experienced and created, our healing contributions, and what we have recorded, as open source, to the extent possible and by staying true to equity.


Good job, trust and dependability: In this age where doing “good job” is the exception rather than the rule, we do not accept any option other than “doing the job as best as possible or not doing it”. We consider the trust of the public and our partners in our goodwill and their trust in dependability of our work ethic as our most valuable assets. 


Concrete and responsible exemplification: We do not share methods and tools that we do not personally implement within our application land or within other possibilities, and for which we have no foresight about how it can be done in practice/how it costs and results, in trainings or other environments, and/or we share the relevant data by presenting clearly.

Honesty and Open-mindedness: We take it as a principle to share what we know to be true and our ideas as they are, to use clear and open expressions in our dialogues and communications,  not to be polite individuals but good people, to share our mistakes and deficiencies honestly, to listen to every idea and approach with an open mind.


We are regenerative. We are working for strengthening the liveliness and abundance of both underneath and surface of the soil, as well as increasing biodiversity and resistance of natural systems. Sustainability is not adequate just by itself, we believe in the necessity of regeneration and healing beyond sustainability. Therefore, we consider ecology, regeneration of economy and society in unison.


We trust in people and we don’t believe that human beings are destructive because of their innate nature the assertion of ‘’insane’’ destructiveness of human beings. Even though human-oriented ways of doing most things may result in destructive results, we are conscious of our capability of implementing regeneration with correct methods and management.


We implement systematic, context-based plans and applications. Internalizing complex and chaotic structure of  ‘’nature’’, we  implement a dynamic ‘’Holistic Management’’ structure.


Our work is based on science. We utilise findings of holistic science,, experimentation, knowledge of universal citizen science.We are aware of the contradictions of reductive approach of science and we distance ourselves  from the techno fix approach   (i.e. ‘’ technology will solve every problem’’) 


We are curious. We don’t refrain from thinking, designing and implementing different methods,  ‘’ and new ideas. We care about mistakes and failures as much as accomplishments  as long as we learn from them.


We are dreamers. We have experienced the power and importance of dreaming first hand and we are stronger for it, our dreams keep us giong.


We are realists. We are aware that we can reach the truths beyond the ‘’told’’ and ‘’believed’’ realities by association with dreams and realities. We see dreaming as the keel of a ship and realism as the sail.


We talk concretely, not pastorally. We give importance to people’s access to knowledge and we take sharing clear, understandable, concrete datas as our duty instead of discourses full of abstract concepts.

We are game changers. Even though our ideas and beliefs may surprise our closest ones ’, we see sharing them as ethical duty. We know that the way of rebuilding the life passes through reidentifying concepts.

We are purposeful. We  experience the difficulties of being different. We see our efforts of pioneering extraordinary tasks under the pressure of time, money, labour force and exhaustion as a driving force to keep on. In additon, you : the ones believe in, trust, that enthusiastic to support, share, follow… Our biggest gratitudes to you.

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