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Asım Ay

Co-manager of SafiMera


He was born in 1978 in Ankara. After graduating from the Department of Chemical Engineering

in METU, he worked in the paint and biodiesel production facilities for two years and then in the

oil refinery sector for more than 10 years. His dream of living on a farm he built since childhood

evolved after the birth of his first daughter, and instead of industrial agriculture, which he had

been researching for years, he pursued what he could do ecologically. While preparing for the

impending doomsday due to recent theories about oil, he came across Allan Savory's speech. He received Holistic Management training from Anatolian Grasslands in 2017 and Microbiology

Shepherd training in the same year. He now believes that the expected apocalypse will not come

soon and he can change the world. As co-manager of SafiMera, he is chasing the lands that can

be regenerated. Together with his two daughters and his wife, he lives in the land where they

form thier drams, works as a beekeeper and continues to give consultancy as a freelance

chemical engineer.

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