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Ecem Asma

Land Implementation Program Lead


She is an engineer and agroecologist who values designing systems that promote harmony, efficiency, and sustainability. After a brief stint working in factories and technology companies as an engineer, she realised her lack of interest in optimising inanimate systems. She then shifted her focus to work with entrepreneurs and non-governmental organisations in supporting mechanisms for early-stage and late-stage startups. Her curiosity about food security and agriculture led her to be particularly interested in soil conservation and restoration practices. She began her research on organic fertiliser and composting and founded a company that produced organic worm casting.


During this process, she received training in "Holistic Management" from Anadolu Meraları. With a desire to learn more, she pursued a master's degree in Agroecology at Harper Adams University, where she worked on farms engaged in agroecological production in the UK and conducted research. She wrote her thesis on the effect of holistic planned grazing on carbon sequestration. She is a Fellow of the British Society of Soil Science and particularly interested in analytical (Jungian) psychology.


She believes in the power of well-planned regenerative agricultural practices that nurture soil and improve its resilience, with a focus on the well-being of ecosystems as a whole. With a deep understanding of the power of regenerative agriculture, she aims to make a difference in the industry by promoting these practices and ways of thinking. Her primary focus is on designing and creating systems that enable people to adopt regenerative practices with ease and inspire a shift towards a more holistic approach, recognising that there is not one answer to solve all problems in the industry.

She is convinced that creating practical solutions can lead to a more resilient future. She believes in the power of collaboration to design and implement regenerative systems that will benefit current and future generations, working towards these practices with a shared commitment to success.

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