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SafiMera, an initiative of Anatolian Grasslands, is a brand that not only protects ecosystems through regenerative agriculture, but also regenerative it and serves to spread it.


SafiMera brings together the meat and meat products of animals grown on the regenerated lands and fed only with grass, with the prosumers.


It invites all stakeholders in the ecosystem it has created and named "SafiMera Food Ecosystem" to have a say in decisions and orientations. In other words, SafiMera is a brand that speaks, explains and invites, unlike a standard sales platform.


Being transparent and fair while doing all of this is SafiMera's top priority: to the producer/breeder, to the organizers of the ecosystem that puts effort at every step, and to the prosumers.


Since 2017, when we started our activities, SafiMera Food Ecosystem continues to grow day by day with unhurried and determined steps with our many prosumers who want to walk with us on this road, share in troubles and joys, and at the same time reach nutritious and healthy animal food in many cities of Turkey.


SafiMera continues to reach prosumers with its regenerative, fair and nourishing products, which it sends to sales points in many cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Edirne, Mersin and Adana, in addition to its product sales through

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