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Şeyda Öztürk

Deputy CEO

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Şeyda was born in Bartın in 1981. She completed her Veterinary Medicine education at Istanbul University with a focus on Food Hygiene and Technology. She worked to ensure food safety in food of animal origin. Her education and three years of experience observing cattle breeding in the Western Black Sea region led her to question the human’s relationship with other species.

She continued her career in Food Safety and Quality Management in Istanbul. She took part in companies that operate in the restaurant industry and manage banquet areas such as Lütfi Kırdar International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Atatürk Culture Centre, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, and Adile Sultan Palace as well as mass consumption areas such as Bomontiada, Bodrum Palmarina, and Galataport. During this process, she gained experience in establishing management and audit systems. With the motto of ’food safety from soil to fork', she carried out supplier audits and provided training on purchasing processes. She took part in the establishment of academies serving to provide professional competence in the food and beverage sector. During her ten years of work in the sector, she provided numerous training courses on food safety and hygiene, foodborne diseases, food safety and quality management in the supply chain and food and beverage sector, and prepared documents such as guides, manuals, etc.

She realized that she missed the connection she had with herself and nature when living in Istanbul, and she moved to Çanakkale in the hope of settling in the countryside. In Çanakkale, she concentrated on what she wanted to aggrandise in her life. She was acquainted with the concepts of Regenerative Agriculture, Holistic Management and Nonviolent Communication, where she found answers to her questions about the future of the Earth and how to maintain the interspecies bond. She has been participating in Nonviolent Communication courses since 2019. She works on conflict solutions, self-compassion, empathy, regulation, somatic and bond-oriented approaches. She believes that human’s capability to bond with other people and species increases with the strength of her bond with herself, and repair is proportional to this capability. She is involved in the management processes of Anadolu Meraları with the intention of establishing regenerative and all-sided systems.

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