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Yasemin Kireç


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Yasemin, the CEO of Anadolu Meraları, was born in Istanbul in 1982. After graduating from

V.K.V. Koç Private High School, she studied sociology and anthropology. While continuing to

work in corporate life to train herself in permaculture, natural life and ecology, which he has

been interested in as an amateur since his university years, he received "Introduction to

Permaculture" and "Permaculture Design Certificate trainings at Permaculture Research Institute of Turkey. Afterwards, she said goodbye to corporate life and completed the Holistic Management training held in the Anatolian Grasslands application area in Çanakkale in the summer of 2015.

Yasemin, who travels between Gökçeada, Çanakkale and Istanbul from time to time, is a

beekeeper with 50 hives and continues to play an active role in various initiatives; participates in

local producer-prosumer meetings and tries to act as an intermediary in the sharing of

knowledge and experience. She has been working with Buğday Association since 2015, and she  has held trainings and activities on Introduction to Ecological Life, Applications of Ecological Life in the City, Urban Gardening, Seed, Beekeeping, Deep Listening and Nature Awareness with adults, youth and children.

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