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Our Works 


We believe in the necessity to improve the soil while producing and to make ecological, economic and social regeneration at the same time.


We build scalable ecosystem models, develop and implement innovative methods and technologies that harmonize knowledge. In short, we design systems that balance ecology and economy.


High Scale Ecosystem Collaborations

We consult national and global companies on regenerative agriculture practices and develop and implement models to increase the productivity of rural ecosystems.


Through our collaborations with the public, private sector and NGOs, we aim to leverage an ethical, just and restorative transformation.


One of these projects is the Lay's Regenerative Agriculture Project, funded by the Global Pepsico Foundation. With this project, we are practicing regenerative agriculture practices and working with locals in the implementation land in Konya Karapınar.


Private Consulting

For those who already have a farm and want to implement Holistic Management, or those who want to establish a farm, we provide consultancy in all processes from general framework to land selection, from feasibility to financial planning, from grazing plan to fencing, from ecological repair to monitoring processes.

Basin-Based Consultancy


We provide collaborative consultancy to multiple producers in the same basin. In such projects that we carry out on "communal" lands such as pastures (example: Konya Sarayönü), we handle processes such as technical support, making and monitoring a grazing plan in a way to include all stakeholders.

You can send your questions and requests about these projects, which we carry out together with non-governmental organizations, producer associations and state institutions, to


Capacity Building and Training

As the only internationally accredited Savory Institute in Turkey, we provide Holistic Management and Regenerative Agriculture trainings to a wide audience including young farmers, agricultural professionals and academics.


Nearly 500 people have participated in these trainings we have organized so far. We have reached nearly 3 thousand people with the capacity building activities provided within the scope of our ecosystem collaborations.


Click for information about our past trainings.


Ecological Monitoring

Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) is a comprehensive scientific protocol for measuring land health, developed by the Savory Institute in collaboration with a worldwide network of leading soil scientists, ecologists, agronomists and regenerative land managers.  


As Anatolian Grasslands, we are the first and only organization in Turkey that can measure ecological restoration with the EOV (Ecological Outcome Verification) protocol.




Young Regenerators Program

We created the Young Regenerators Program to provide practical experience and skills to young people considering a career in regenerative agriculture.  


With the process coordinated by the Land Implementation Program, we plan to increase the number of professionals trained in the field by providing young people to work in the field regenerative agriculture and agroecology. 

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